For the final project of grade twelve AP Computer Science, we made a game! Not just any game, it had to be an educational game following the theme overcoming adversity.

The first step in building our game was the proposal, which included two contracts we had two write, giving ourselves roles and expectations. As far as I am aware, this was a completion mark, so we did the sensible thing and went far above and beyond in our LARP (links to PDFs soon, maybe?).

Then came the programming. The game was programmed in Java, built with Gradle, using libGDX as the graphics framework.

The gameplay consists of three levels, each a faux desktop, where you try to complete certain tasks without being distracted. Each level is scored differently, optimizing for the different aspects of time management.

Finally, we had to deliver the game. We designed a disk

Physical Thyme disk.
Thyme disk design.

and a back cover

Design of the Thyme back cover.
Thyme back cover design.

and we were off to the races.