About Me

Howdy! I'm Theodore Preduta.

I'm currently a third-year student diving into the world of computer science (and some math) at the University of Toronto. I'm mainly interested in systems-type topics (think operating systems, databases, and the like).

I quite enjoy programming, and I find myself happily immersed in it during my free time. Sometimes, the fruits of this labour make their way into the public eye. I dub these creations my projects, and trust me, there's a collection worth exploring.

Beyond that, I've got this knack for self-hosting things. Everything to this website, to my own version control server and much more—most of which is behind a VPN. (If you're curious about the nitty-gritty details, shoot me an email and I might even whip up a write-up on the current setup.)

Online, I usually go by the distinctively shaped alias 6167656e74323431, or 175e4241 (±some arbitrary prefix/suffix to satisfy website requirements).